GameGuardian is an application that has some staggering features that make it the best “hacking” tool for most games out there on the Android marketplace. This app is developed by an esteemed group of programmers and hackers. GameGuardian app can be used to customize and modify various substances in mostly all games. So far GameGuardian is without any doubt the best hacking tool available for android games and is the nearest thing we can get to an honest Cheat Engine for Android devices.

game guardian apk

This app is perfect for any gamers who are daring enough to take in some very basic and easy skills like game modding, value editing and also it requires a bit of patience for the cheats to work. However, this task is not everyone’s cup of tea and if you are unwilling to take in any new skills, have thin patience or have no desire to cheat in online games, this amazing tool is probably not right for you. You can download the app using tutu helper as well.

Game Guardian APK Download Latest

This is because unlimited resource hacks like “unlimited money” or “God mode” hacks are quite impossible to achieve in online games and most importantly this is a tool, which means that if you desire to cheat in a game with the help of this app, you will have to do it yourself. In other words, you will have to do the dirty work yourself, this app is just a tool to help you get what you seek.

game guardian

Generally speaking, we love GameGuardian apk from the core of our hearts and are exceedingly excited to prescribe it to everyone who wants to beat a game and is not afraid to choose the unconventional path. With the help of this hacking tool, you can without much stress get unlimited in-game money or gems and all the other hacks necessary for you to beat the game. In truth, this is an amazing tool to crack games and the best thing about it is that it is absolutely free and can be utilized by almost everyone.

Here are some of the awesome features of GameGuardian app:

This app can be used to check for the encrypted values so that you can edit and alter them to get unlimited in-game resources.

In the latest update of GameGuardian “Speedhack” is included, utilizing which you can keep the values same before you change them.

How to Download GameGuardian on Android:

In order to fully utilize the capabilities of GameGuardian apk on your Android device, make sure it is rooted before downloading this app. GameGuardian app works best on rooted Android gadgets since it requires some unique permissions to alter the files of the games installed on your device. This application fundamentally permits altering or modifying the values which are available in the game memory.

GameGuardian can work on devices that haven’t been rooted but its capabilities are highly reduced (limited mode). It can run through a virtual environment like VirtualXposed, GO Multiple, Parallel Space, Parallel Space Lite, 2Face and many others.

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How to Install GameGuardian on your rooted android device

In case you are wondering that GameGuardian is a difficult app to install and use, let us assure you that it is completely false. Here are the steps that you need to follow to install the app easily.

  1. Download the latest version of GameGuardian apk on your android device by following the aforementioned steps.
  2. Go to Settings and click on Security and turn on Unknown Sources to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
  3. Install the latest version of GameGuardian on your smartphone.
  4. Once the app has finished installing, open the app and you’re done.

How to Use GameGuardian on your rooted android device

Using GameGuardian app is not a difficult thing and however complicated it seems at the beginning, with time and practice it becomes easy. Here are some basic steps for beginners.

Step 1. Before running your game, open GameGuardian app and then minimize it by pressing the home button. Now open the game that you want to hack. You will see the icon of GameGuardian app in a corner.

Step 2. Tap on the GameGuardian icon from your game to open the app. Now press the Search icon in the app and set the value you want. If you are unfamiliar with the values, set it to auto. Doing this will automatically set the appropriate values for you.

Step 3. Now look for the value that you want to change like money, gem, health, experience, score, etc. You are allowed to change any or all of those values. Take note that you need to search for the values every time you want to change a particular value.

That was all you needed to do in order to modify in-game values, now you can resume playing your game again. You have learned the basic usage of this app. But as stated earlier, this is the tip of the iceberg. You can watch numerous videos on YouTube and hack your games further using this tool and become a master at hacking games.